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9:54pm 17-06-2014
Dorothy Suffolk Mum
Hi Nicki - I have moved to Yorkshire, but saw a poster up here, for a missing girl, and thought of Luke, as I have for the past 8 years. Just wanted you to know that there are people out there who do not forget and hope one day you get an answer. love from Dot the Suffolk Mum
6:21pm 16-06-2014
Emma Thomas
Ive followed the story of Luke missing for years on and off and now I am a mum of three and just wanted to send you a huge hug of support after coming across your website. I pray that you and your family have answers to what happened to your Son soon.
7:46am 12-05-2014
jan gregory
Hi. Nicki, Luke and Alicia. You are never far from our thoughts. Much love as always, Jan, Mal and boys x
5:24pm 11-05-2014
Chris Leggett
Hi Luke, yet another year gone and are we any closer to finding you? I do hope so but only time will tell. I think we are about to lose Chester and of course you don't know Oscar, black again naturally and full of energy, you would just love to walk him to Shingle Street. Thinking of you on this the 8th Anniversary. Cath & the twins come home for a month in 10days, I know Mum is looking forward to seeing them.
Love as always, Chris x
8:42pm 15-03-2014
Catherine Clark
I was a bit shocked to see that my message last December 2013 was the last one recorded on this site. Hey everyone, where are you !!! Please please don't forget about Luke and his family. People visiting this site...aren't we all mothers, don't we care! I sure do. So, Nicki. I wonder how on earth you've been able to cope. If anything terrible happened in my home, I would love to be in touch with you, cos you must have a strength I could not hope to match. Still thinking of you and always will. Cathy
11:50am 10-03-2014
sharon spendley
Luke I never actually met you ever, but know your mum Nicki . We have entwined our lives destiny with your story and my own . promise Will always be by her side to support her journey as your guardian angel mum and your nan and sister search for lost answers . God bless you where ever you are luke x
2:39pm 21-12-2013
Catherine Clark
Christmas 2013. Hello Nicki. It is quite unbelievable that someone could remain missing without any clues at all after seven years. But I can only imagine how hard it is to keep hope alive after all that time, I guess you just don't know where you are, I'm sure I'd be frantic for the lack of news. So all I can say as 2013 draws to a close, I've followed your website for the last 7 years. I'm sure it would give the whole family huge relief, just to know. But if that's not possible, then I'm sure wherever the strength you need has come from over these awful years, I just pray there's more of the same available to you. God Bless you all, I'm sure your Christmas won't be full of joy as it ought to be, but I'm also sure that the strength you've all displayed over all these years will carry you into 2014. I kind of think it would be inappropriate to wish you a happy 2014, so I won't, but I want you all to know I have NOT forgotten about your family. Kindest regards and I acknowledge your amazing strength. Catherine. xx
10:18am 04-12-2013
Hi Luke, wishing you a Happy Birthday, thinking of you and hoping something comes from Crime Watch. I am in Australia with Cath & the twins again, back next week to see Mum. Love as always, Chris x
2:33am 04-12-2013
Thinking of you on this day. Happy Birthday. 
3:50pm 11-11-2013
Suffolk Mum
Hello again Nicki and family........ Just heard that my son's school friend is terminally ill, he's only in his mid 20's. It brought to mind your own loss. I just wanted to say that the years have not diminished my sadness that your lad was never found. I am now in Lincolnshire, but you know me as............ Dorothy the Suffolk Mum XXX
11:19am 14-10-2013
Heard Luke's Mum on BBC Radio Norfolk then came onto this page, feel devastated about Luke's disappearance :-( Have 2 boys myself, can only imagine how you feel :-( Hope you get an answer one day!!
8:58pm 07-07-2013
Saw the poster in Penrith, I,ll pray for you all. What a nightmare for all of you
10:43pm 11-05-2013
Chris Leggett
Hi Luke, the years keep going by and still no luck finding you. Forever thinking about you and wishing you were here.
Love as always, Chris x
8:26pm 03-03-2013
Saw Luke's poster in Bolton so will post on facebook. Hope Luke turns up safe.
11:29pm 22-01-2013
Just saw the poster. Whilst I can't help I want you to know my thoughts are with you. I hope he finds his way back.
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