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2:59am 09-03-2011
Hi Nicki, i'm probably not the first to suggest this but have you contacted the salvation army? they have an incredible reputation for locating people and finding the unfindable... if you haven't tried them it would deffinately be worth a go.
I sincerely hope you have good news about Luke in the future... be strong.
5:35pm 08-03-2011
I found this site as I've seen the poster so many times at Maidenhead station and wondered what it was. Having read the story I am so touched by this terrible turn of events; I just cant get my head around how someone could just disappear. I can only imagine what Luke's family is going through and I wish there were something I could do to help. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that Luke comes home soon.
3:56am 14-02-2011

Just read your story in Prima magazine and had to come see your website. I'm sure you've heard a billion theories but I do get the impression he didn't intend this. Shame the cctv isn't any clearer (im assuming the police had scoured all the cctv footage that time in surrounding area/shop premises) had a look on Autotrader - it looks like a silver Volvo V40 or a S40 to me don't know if that's helpful - I really wish I could do more. I hope and pray you find him. Thinking of you all. Angela x
1:51am 12-01-2011
Hi Nicki - I've noticed the poster at Finsbury Park station so many times, and finally checked this website tonight. Just heartbreaking - I really hope welcome news comes your way any day now. He's out there somewhere, and I truly hope he's coming home to you. Lots of love. ~Andy Xx
9:25am 10-12-2010
Hi Nicki. I watched you on The One Show the other night, and thought you were far more eloquent than you led me to believe. I think you showed everyone that you're not willing to ever give up on finding out what happened to Luke. You're the best mom he could have ever asked for. xoxo
7:38pm 07-12-2010
Jeff s
Just saw you on the one show talking about your son . I hope you find him your in my thoughts take care
11:20pm 04-12-2010
Hi, Luke and his family always in my thoughts and prayers. Praying for Luke to be found - never give up, my Mark was found! Love and hugggs Carol xx
11:06am 04-12-2010
Diana McMillan
Thinking of you and hoping, as ever.... Love from Diana xxx
2:19pm 03-12-2010
Chris Leggett
Here we are at that birthday time again Luke, was hoping there would be some more positive news by now but that seems not to be at present. I am sure there will be a breakthrough at some point, and we are all waiting for that moment. Until then I am remembering you on your 24th birthday tomorrow, I think of you all the time and wish you could come home. Love to you, Nicki & Alicia, from Chris x
9:12am 03-12-2010
hey, i have been following this case for ages hoping that when i come back there will be good news. my thoughts and prayers are with you all xxx
3:16am 03-12-2010
I keep coming back hoping for good news.. My thoughts are with your family. Someone out there must know something, perhaps without even realising. I have you all in my heart at such a difficult time. I hope Luke is returned to you one day. All my love x
12:13pm 12-11-2010
Dorothy Land
I will be in the throes of a housemove over Christmas Nicki, so taking this opportunity to send you, as always, my heart-felt wish for news of Luke's fate.

It's not inconceivable that the one who knows what happened will unburden himself to someone, and we will finally get some answers. What a long, painful wait for you Nicki. Love from the Suffolk Mum xxxx
12:29am 30-10-2010
Is there any reason Luke would want to escape from something? This is really important because it may lead to the eventual loacating of him. 4 years is a long time and if you want to find him - if he wants to be found, or if he is still alive and can see that people are searching for him, then he needs a reason to return. Running away is an option for anyone, always, but if this is the case then it needs to be addressed that there was a primary reason for this. I basically write this because I have seen that sign outside Gloucester train station for the last 9 months and it intruiged me. I thought it was some marketing ploy and promised myself to just check it out at some point. When I came onto the website tonight I shed a tear and I feel for you the family and friends. I really hope you find him. Nobody just disappears. x
9:24pm 25-10-2010
I just wanted to say that i cannot believe that there is still no news of Luke. I can't imagine what mum and the family are going through, but i really do feel for you all. As a mother myself i believe that you musn't give up and i'm sure you have'nt so just keep on doing what you are doing and we are all thinking and praying. Keep strong and lets hope we find him. Love n Hugs. xxxxxxxxx
10:23pm 17-10-2010
We are hanging on in here Luke with prayers and best wishes for your safe return! What wonderful people to post such great comments and send so much loving care! Thanks folks! Love Carol and family xxx

Hurry home sweet Luke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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