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1:18pm 24-02-2012
My son is almost the same age as Luke, only 2 days younger. I feel so much for you all and pray that you will find your beautiful boy soon. I can only imagine what you must be feeling.
God love you and protect you all.
8:34pm 20-02-2012
M Gibbs
I am a mother of two children aged 9 & 5. I really cannot imagine what you have been through and what you continue to go through day in day out. Not knowing must be the hardest. I really do feel for you and I often think about you and your family. I know that there is nothing i can say to make the pain go away but please be assured that people are always thinking of you and fingers crossed you will one day find out what happened to your gorgeous son Luke. Big hugs to you. x x x x x x
4:42pm 19-02-2012
Hi, I was looking at the missing people website and saw luke. It's been 6 years and I was 6 when he went missing. I dont think I've ever seen his photo before but recognise him from somewhere. Don't loose hope. xxx
11:10pm 25-01-2012
Catherine Clark
Over five and a half years! As life goes on around your family, it must be so hard for you, Nicki and family, to go on with yours. In Nottingham, where I live, we've just read in our papers of a family who've won £40 million on the lottery. When I think of that, I just know as a mum myself, if it came to a choice of £40 million or having your son back, you'd pass on the money as I would. You're not asking for the world, just to know that the child you nurtured and love is safe. I wish so much that you could have that would be better than any lottery win. We hear a lot about 'closure', but it isn't so much to ask is it...just to know where our loved ones are. I pray that one day you will know, then you can rejoice, or grieve and move on with your lives. As it is, you're in limbo, and my heart goes out to you all.
4:53pm 17-01-2012
Really cant imagine what your family must be going through, 6 years is nothing, the pain and heartache will still be as strong, knowing he's out there but dont know where must be the hardest thing to face. I cant get my head around it so i have no idea how you guys do but you have each other keep searching, never give up hope, ill be thinking of Luke and your family.xx
3:08pm 02-01-2012
Karen Kelly
Iam Martin Kelly mother and Martin has been gone from my life for six Years It never goes away but I dearly hope and pray for you that you will have Luke back in your arms soon. All my love and wishes for 2012xx
6:46am 22-12-2011
I have seen many of Lukes posters around and I always wondered what it was about. This morning I eventually looked it up and was surprised what I found. I will pass the message on to my friends and family to make them aware and then its a few more eyes to find Luke.
I have my fingers crossed that Luke will return home safely to you and your family. I cannot imagine just what you have had to go through these past few years. My thoughts are with you and your family too. X
5:45pm 10-12-2011
Catherine Clark
Hi Nicki. Almost another year gone. It must be so hard to hope, after so long. Well, I don't know about hope for the future, but all I can say is that I understand how you might feel, after so long, I'd still want to hope that everything will work out in a way you can live with. Keeping the hope alive? I sure hope so.
2:03pm 05-12-2011
Mark Paterson
Heard you on the radio talking about Luke few years back. Always thinking of you and your search. Always checking back here to see if there's news. always in so many people's thoughts.
Mark x
7:09am 04-12-2011
Chris Leggett
Another year, another birthday without you, thinking of you not only today but always. Just back from seeing Cath in Australia, will see Mum today. Love you lots wherever you are, Chris x
7:31pm 01-11-2011
Dale Nelson
Hi there, its now 2011 and I have just read about Luke in a magazine. I live in New Zealand and have three growen up children. I am very sorry to hear about your position and really feel for your family Luke looks like a lovely boy and now I can't stop thinking about him . We have people in New Zealand that are connected with the spritural world and I have watched them on t v help find missing people where the police have been unsuccessfull. I do hope you find your son, I am not religious but when a partner of mine committed sucide one morning when I was in the shower I did pray and would do anything that would help take the pain away. I cant bear to think of how you would cope with this situation and I pray that one day you find your son. My thoughts are with your family.
1:38pm 29-10-2011
Catherine Clark
When I was in Norfolk in June, Luke's disappearance was in the news because there was allegedly some new evidence...but yet again it appears it was a blind alley. How does any family handle having their hopes of closure dashed, yet again. I don't think anyone, who has a family member missing, would give up hoping, when there's no news to the contrary. So again Niki, just want to say I still think of you very, very much. I'm sure you just want to know what happened, all of us who are parents would surely want the same. Just to say I AM thinking of you. Regards, Catherine.
1:42pm 28-10-2011
Hello, i am an 18 year old girl and saw the find luke poster today at asda in darlaston. I cant believe its been so long with no news, i hope you find out something soon and i hope he comes home safe soon. Thoughts are with your family xx
3:26pm 26-10-2011
glynn roberts
Hi many congratulations for keeping the disappearance in the spot light. All too often down the years programmes such as missing are here today and gone tomorrow or shown at a time when most people are working. I will certainly keep my eyes open here in Cornwall for Luke as many people who have decided to 'drop out' or leave home for whatever reason have headed here. Do keep searching I hope the outcome is a positive one.In our thoughts.The Gershie Project.
1:26pm 25-10-2011
To Lukes family. Read this story as part of BBC news. Have my fingers crossed for you. Getting headlines again is a good thing. Clare.
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