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11:20am 04-12-2012
Hi Luke, birthday time yet again, thinking of you and wishing you were here to celebrate. I am in Australia at the moment, been to stay with Cath and her twins Luke (your namesake) and Lilly for 5 weeks, back home to Suffolk Thursday when I will see Mum. Love as always, Chris x
12:11pm 19-09-2012
nicky paine
Stay strong-i'm sure you will.
It must be better to know.
I remember you from years ago when I lived in Alderton.I recall seeing you when you were pregnant with Luke,such a long time ago now.
My son was born same year-they probably know each other as he was raised in that area and went to Woodbridge school.Sadly I am not in contact with my son for three years now-he has lots of problems and doesn't want me in his life which hurts immensly.I can have an inkling of what you are going through-it hurts every bloody day.
Why did life get so hard?
You are a strong woman and I hope the future gets better for you.
Love and positive energy
12:43am 22-08-2012
Anonymous (London R)
I saw the poster today outside Southall train station and was curious to find out what it's about. I had an inkling that it's a missing persons campaign.

Luke is my age. Carry on with your lives, but never lose hope. I hope he turns up one day happy, alive and well. In the meantime, I will keep my eyes peeled.
1:14pm 08-07-2012
There is nothing worse then not knowing. I feel for you and your family x
9:22pm 28-06-2012
Amanda Harvey
Thinking of you Luke, and Nicki and family. I feel so much for you all and I only hope something comes to light soon with the recent news. Its so hard having to wait until September for some more news. I went to watch Foo Fighters acoustic set and remember Nicki handing me a flyer, this seems like such a long time ago, somebody must know something, I send all the love and support to you all.
9:01am 28-06-2012
At last! some answers.......... as always my heart goes out to Nicki and her family. After the pain to come, I hope there will be some peace for you all. Love from the Suffolk Mum
12:27am 28-06-2012
Tina Davis
Thinking of Luke, his Mum and famly xxx
10:43am 27-06-2012
Sending all the love and support we can from our family to yours x
12:17am 09-06-2012
I have just been reading about Luke. It's got to be a living nightmare. If everybody could pass a link onto at least one person, it would help.
Also there should be a regular Missing program on TV. On the missingpeople website there are SO many missing people.
Best wishes.
3:34pm 29-05-2012
more should be done for Luke. Just cos the McCann's are high profile people.... Please find Luke and Ben Nedham
9:42am 12-05-2012
Chris Leggett
Hi Luke, another year gone, still missing you and wish you could be here, thinking of you, love as always, Chris x
12:20pm 24-04-2012
Never give up hope! X
2:48am 05-03-2012
Sara Campos
I occassionally view stories on missing persons with the hope that perhaps I may recognize a missing person, and the missing person will be reunited with anxious family members. My heart goes out to those family members who want their loved ones to come home safely. I stumbled on this site by accident. I was originally viewing a list of missing persons from Arizona, U.S.A. It is my hope that Luke will come home to his family.I hope this tragedy will end with a positive outcome. I will keep this young man in my prayers, as I will with his family and friends. Sincerely, Sara Campos
1:18pm 24-02-2012
My son is almost the same age as Luke, only 2 days younger. I feel so much for you all and pray that you will find your beautiful boy soon. I can only imagine what you must be feeling.
God love you and protect you all.
8:34pm 20-02-2012
M Gibbs
I am a mother of two children aged 9 & 5. I really cannot imagine what you have been through and what you continue to go through day in day out. Not knowing must be the hardest. I really do feel for you and I often think about you and your family. I know that there is nothing i can say to make the pain go away but please be assured that people are always thinking of you and fingers crossed you will one day find out what happened to your gorgeous son Luke. Big hugs to you. x x x x x x
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