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6:53pm 12-05-2018
Hello again Luke, still thinking of you as always, it doesn't seem possible that 12 years have gone by and still looking for an answer. One day maybe, in the meantime lots of love Luke, from Chris xx
4:30am 12-05-2017
Hi Luke
Thinking of you as always. Have you met up with Roger, he's gone now too, but I know where he is and that's the difference, if only Mum and Akicia could know where you are and what happened 11 years ago. Someone must know, people don't just disappear with no trace, so come on whoever you are, come forward now and make a difference. Lots of love Luke, from Chris xx
8:47am 12-01-2017
Helen Brown
Hi Nicki. I have been made aware of your story after following the disappearance of Corrie McKeague in such similar circumstances. It is incomprehensible how anyone can disappear without a trace and I can't even begin to imagine the heartache and anguish you have felt over the years. With the disappearance of Corrie making the headlines I'm sure this has brought everything flooding back to you, although I understand that these feelings will never leave you until he's home safe. I am so sorry you have been without your boy for all of these years. I hope one day you get some answers that will put your mind at rest. Helen B x
4:52pm 20-12-2016
Dorothy Margot
This is a difficult time of year for anyone who has lost a loved one. For my own personal reasons I have donated to several charities rather than celebrate Christmas this year. I send my heart felt thoughts of support to Nicki and the family, and anyone who is missing someone they love.... from the Suffolk Mum
1:19pm 03-12-2016
Chris Leggett
Hi Luke, just remembering you as your birthday approaches, what a mile stone and celebration we should be having but instead we are still waiting for that person to come forward, maybe this year they will have a change of heart. Always thinking of you, loads of love, Chris x
8:39am 16-09-2016
Dorothy Margot
Hi Nicki and family........... Yet another year passes with no answers for you and your family. Since the news broke of Luke's disappearance, I have scanned the internet for new developments. I last left a message on here in 2014 and was saddened to realise today I had let 2015 pass without a word of support, I am so sorry. You and your son are not forgotten.......... - my own Suffolk son Jack has moved to Australia and I miss him terribly. I send my sincere fond thoughts to you. I have now moved to live by the sea in Northumberland, but will always be, on here, the SUFFOLK MUM xxx
9:53pm 10-06-2016
Hi, I have just moved to the UK but support Missing Persons organisation. In their latest regular newsletter they highlighted the story of Luke. I have three sons and the thought of anything happening to them would be too painful. I also have a daughter who died and I miss her terribly. I do know what happened and could grieve. Not knowing and having a void of "missing" is incomprehensible. My love and thoughts are with you. may you find peace and resolution even after all these years. Regards, Mandy
11:48pm 06-12-2015
I read a book from the library recently about missing people in which Luke's story was featured. I wish I could help more than just sending my best wishes and love to those who knew him. You have been heard. xxx
6:40pm 27-09-2015
Hi nicky it's linda Alan's I said the other day when we met I feel I have to do these things as a positive .I am doing a book of poems for sudep.Sudden death in epilepsy.if any one here who has lost someone and would like to write a poem to raise money one of the things I have found helps jotting down my feelings .if it can help someone else all I can hope.hope you are well .one mum to another
1:32pm 12-05-2015
Chris Leggett
Hi Luke, yet another year has gone by, let's hope someone will come forward with some info soon. Saw Mum & Alicia yesterday, but sadly we have lost Chester. Thinking of you as always, lots of love Chris x
9:53pm 03-12-2014
Chris Leggett
Hi Luke, another birthday missed, will spend the day with your Mum, just hope we hear something soon. Chester is still hanging in there but getting quite frail. Love you lots and we all miss you, Chris x
5:54pm 22-09-2014
I have been seeing this poster for years and years. Only now I realised and read luke's story. I hope that one day this mistery can be solved. And that you will be reunited with Luke.
1:53pm 23-08-2014
Catherine Clark
Hello Nicki and family. It's been a few months since I visited your guestbook. It's lovely to see that so many people still hold Luke in their hearts and minds. It would be wonderful if he could know how much love....from family, friends and total strangers like me, surrounds him. It is so heart warming to see that you will never give up. I've been reading the posts of regular visitors like Suffolk Mum, who has now moved to Yorkshire and even there is reminded of your situation, which is as it should be. I'm not sure anything any of us says can bring any comfort, because all you really want is to know what happened. None of us can give you that information, but everyone who posts truly cares. I think most of us are mums and simply can't imagine how utterly devastating this must be for you. One of my friends has recently lost her daughter who died unexpectedly, but at least they knew what happened and at least they had a focus for their grief. I can't say anything comforting, because comfort lies in knowing...and you just don't know. But I'm still here thinking about your family and sending heartfelt support.
3:38pm 26-07-2014
I saw a poster of luke on a pin board in a town. We had to check it out. Hope that you can find him. We will all never forget the poster and there still is hope.
9:54pm 17-06-2014
Dorothy Suffolk Mum
Hi Nicki - I have moved to Yorkshire, but saw a poster up here, for a missing girl, and thought of Luke, as I have for the past 8 years. Just wanted you to know that there are people out there who do not forget and hope one day you get an answer. love from Dot the Suffolk Mum
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