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5:55pm 29-06-2010
Hey, I just saw that website and I really hope for you that Luke will be found soon. I know how it is not being able to have contact with someone you love. But you shouldn't give up hope, because that is what keeps us alive.
12:40pm 28-06-2010
Have just seen the poster from the London train. My thoughts are with you and I hope you will find him soon.
1:08am 21-06-2010
I noticed the poster outside braehead in Glasgow. Never really knew what it was for until now. My heart is with you and i hope you find Luke soon.
10:14pm 16-06-2010
Sajjad Dar
i am very sad after reading about luke, may God help you to find him.
1:36am 23-05-2010
stephen johnson
Hope you have good news soonest!
1:06pm 22-05-2010
I see the posters everywhere in London and I just hope one day you can be re-united with Luke.
10:01am 21-05-2010
Luci Bailey
Hi...just wanted to say that you and Luke are always in my thoughts..i hope that you get some good news soon xxx
10:40am 15-05-2010
thinking of u all
9:35pm 11-05-2010
lisa edwards
Hi Nikki,

Thinking of you and all of your family, wherever I go I am on the look out for Luke, I hope you have some news soon.

Lisa & Family xx
9:17pm 11-05-2010
Chris Leggett
Dear Luke
I can't believe it's the 4th anniversary, always thinking of you and hoping that one day soon we will know what happened on that terrible night.
Love as always, Chris x
8:32pm 11-05-2010
Denise A
Sorry to have met under the circumstances we have but I will always be around as a friend Nicki. I pray for Luke and I sincerely hope you get answersxxx
6:46pm 11-05-2010
leanne Dodwell
Its been 4 years now luke and im still hoping you will be home soons! love and wishes to ur family!
10:37pm 07-04-2010
stephen johnson
I wish you every success in finding Luke. He seems a great young man, I hope he returns to you safely. Regards, stephen.
3:09pm 07-04-2010
The poster is on Stockport Train Station and every day I pass it and i finally decided to look. I'm so sorry for your heartache. I hope you find him.
10:10pm 13-03-2010
y0 luke, still thinking of u daily!
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