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1:26pm 25-10-2011
To Lukes family. Read this story as part of BBC news. Have my fingers crossed for you. Getting headlines again is a good thing. Clare.
6:04pm 24-10-2011
Dorothy Suffolk Mum
I can only say how sorry I am that the recent appeals have not brought anyone forward with new evidence. It must churn you up, reliving those last known moments. I will always think of your lad, heartfelt best wishes from the Suffolk Mum - Dorothy
7:38pm 05-10-2011
I came across your story in the book "Missing" and cannot imagine the agony you and your daughter must be suffering. I hope you do find Luke, or at least get find out something. You are in my prayers
10:17am 21-09-2011
I came up on this website accidentally via google. My prayers are with Luke, his family, and friends. The not knowing must be agonizing. God, please give Luke and his loved ones a miracle like only You can, in Jesus' name. Amen

Bay Area, California
10:28pm 19-09-2011
Can't believe the police finally seem to be actively doing something to find out what happened to Luke. I'm sure they believe they've done the best they could so far, and maybe they got some things right but something seems to be seriously lacking in the way this has all been handled. Only now following up a sighting taken at the time? Ridiculous. I hope it finally brings answers though. People need to keep supporting Luke's story and most of all his family. I would love to see this all put to rest for you.
6:02pm 05-09-2011
Hi Nicki, thinking about you loads today, heard police were searching, what a nightmare for you! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Sending big huggggs for you, stay strong for Luke, hope your boy gets home soon. God bless and send your boy home, love Carol. x (My Mark was missing for nearly 2 years)
1:12pm 31-08-2011

I just saw a FINDLUKE poster at Morrison's in Primrose Hill. I cannot imagine your pain, as mother myself I think I would go mad not knowing what happened to my child. I hope you will be reunited with him very soon and if someone out there know what happened that day please end your suffering.
Keep strong.

12:00pm 25-08-2011
Juliet Townsend
I came across your story on the Uk Media boards at Chelmsford Train Station. I'm so sorry to hear you still have no news and wish you luck in your search. My heart goes out to you. With love Juliet x
2:12pm 06-08-2011
Catherine Clark
Five years! Can't believe it's five year since the search for Luke started. still so sorry there hasn't been positive news. Hope those who care are still being a support to your family. Still think of you all the time and still hope that one day the news will be what you want to hear. Keeping faith for your family and for everyone who cares what happened to Luke. xx
11:09pm 29-07-2011
Liza Kahn
I too came across your story in Woman's Own magazine. My prayers are with your family. I hope to God you will be found soon, and safe. It's really scary how some people vanish.
9:59pm 22-07-2011
jean o'connor
came across your story in womans own. sorry to hear about luke. if it is any help to you we too have a son who is missing since 2007. we too have done all the things you have done to no avail. our thoughts are with you and your family and hope eventually you recieve good news.j
11:41am 03-07-2011
sarah james
saw the poster at a station, my thoughts are with your family and all his friends xx
10:40am 26-06-2011
I saw your poster up darliston asda the other day and I an sooooo sorry about your son or relative he seemed to have a good life ahead of him it's a shame he can't continue it with the support he needs from his family I hope you find him good luck from Phoebe xxxx
4:16pm 22-06-2011
I have noticed that the poster is still at ealing broadway station and has been there for a while, i thought it was publicising something. I hope he can be found one day or that he is safe. Vey sad cannot imagine what you are going through
1:29pm 17-06-2011
Hello. I came to this site through the recent publicity raised via Missing People and your brave standing for your son in front of Parliament. After reading a bit about the case I can understand your conclusions that your son was trying to get home and might have taken a lift offered to him by a passing car. This is the most logical explanation from the CCTV images. Therefore I can not understand that the police have apparently (I might be wrong) have not even found out the brand and model of the car. So many cases have been solved with just this information without having a number plate identified.
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