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9:30pm 17-08-2009
Ruth Doubleday
I regularly see the "Find Luke" poster at Kings Lynn station, and I wanted to let you know that I often thing of you and your family. I am sure that Luke is doing all he can to contact you and come home safely to you. My heart goes out to you all.
3:31pm 17-08-2009
I am very sorry to hear this. I first learned about Luke when booking tickets at fleet station. He is somewhere in the world, the trouble is, we don't know where. With this in mind, sympathy, thoughts and prayers are with him. Hope Luke is all right and that he can get through to you as soon as he can,
1:10pm 27-07-2009
I jus read of Luke this morning from people magazine, and i was really touched, I have brothers of almost Luke's age and I just tried to imagine what Luke's family and friend's are going thru. put ypour faith in the Lord and in him you will find solace.Only he most surely knows what happened to Luke on that day...and to him alone can we turn for answers.unfortunately i may not be able to help in any other way but to say my prayers for Luke , his mom, sister the rest of the family and friends.
8:55am 27-07-2009
Suffolk Mum
I'm looking at the blank box wondering what more can be said Nicky. I hope you take some comfort that Luke is not forgotten.

Because of Luke, if I ever see a young lad hitching, or walking miles from nowhere, he gets a lift. Worth the risk to me, to see him safely home. Love from the Suffolk Mum XXX
11:16am 26-07-2009
I only found about Luke being missing when i was walking by tescos, all i can say is i know what it is like to lose someone you love, just dont give up on luke, keep believing in him.
8:09pm 25-07-2009
I only just learned about Luke a couple days ago. I just want to let his friends and family know that I am sending them all of my thoughts and prayers. Never stop looking, never give up hope.

All my love,
Ashlee from Chicago
1:00am 21-07-2009
Don't give up hope of finding Luke. Keep believing
6:20pm 14-07-2009
I'm sorry to hear about your son, i was at Fleet station at the time when i noticed the poster up and looked at this site when i was home. Thoughts and prayers are with you, and i hope he returns safely home. Much love, Amy x
2:50pm 13-07-2009
Alyson Horsley
Just a note to say Luke's still in our thoughts; my heart goes out to you all. Hoping you'll have some news soon. Aly - Warwickshire
7:58pm 12-07-2009
Chris Leonidou
I hope he comes home safe and sound soon!
7:28pm 02-07-2009
Deborah Brown
I had a meeting in Hertford today and noticed Luke's poster at Hertford East Station. I looked up the website once I was home and wanted to offer my support. The despair and helplessness you feel, at times if not all the time, must be unbearable. He looks so lovely. I have a son who is now 18 and I can only imagine how I would feel if this happened to us. I think I would have to be certified, truly. I would like to offer anything I can do to raise awareness. I travel most of the home counties, Kent, London and work for a national company, so if you needed posters distributed I would be only too pleased to help. I will also add this to my facebook site. As you have said, loyalties don't always last and more so in transient relationships, as these relationships would no doubt be if foul play is expected. There are obviously alot of decent people out there, going by your guestbook, who would be committed to helping in anyway they can. I wish I could say something to take away your pain but I can't. However, please be assured you are doing all you can and so will 'we'. The campaign is obviously working as I have never done anything like this before. All my best to you xxx - Deborah, Canterbury, Kent.
4:11am 02-07-2009
Cousin Pam
Hi Nicki,
I had thoughts of all of you today and wanted you to know.
Love you
8:19pm 20-06-2009
seugnet strydom
dear Nicky and daughter,i pray to God to give u strenght,comfort and hope,i cant imagine how terrified u must feel,thinking of U SOUTH AFRICA
2:19am 20-06-2009
charl potgieter
Just read an article about Luke. I realy feel very bad for everybody left behind. Just know you and your family is in my prayers.

I hope and believe that we will all read very soon that Luke is found.

Lots of love,
Charl (South Africa)
3:49am 14-06-2009
joanne oellermann
dear nicky and alicia, im sorry to hear about your son, i hope someday, someone will no something to bring luke, home safe and sound. i can only imagine, the pain you are feeling. i will pray for you, always
someone thinking of you joanne
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