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4:22pm 29-11-2009
Im so sorry
ill pray for you all, i cant imagine what you are going through
7:42pm 02-11-2009
I can even imagine what you are all going through... I know you will stay strong and positive.. Lets hope and pray that Luke returns home.
4:39pm 02-11-2009
Emma Jane Jervis
Just wanted you to know I joined the facebook page...I pray for Lukes safe return to you
stay strong and positive
Emma x
1:22pm 02-11-2009
just wanted to leave you a message to say that my thoughts are with you and hope you find your gorgeous boy soon. as a mother of three its a living nightmare to think this could happen to me.
1:24am 11-10-2009
i saw a poster in asda the 'lukes eyes' one
i didnt kno what the site was, but went on it anyway
its so sad when people go missing. i realy hope he's ok and gets found soon.
5:37am 02-10-2009
Kevan Michaels
I am a filmmaker from Los Angeles and quite by accident came upon your page. As a father I cannot imagine what you his family must be going through. As a concerned human being, I would love to offer my services in anyway possible to, perhaps, via the medium that I know best, the visual arts, somehow, bring to light, either a half an hour documentary or perhaps even a feature or TV movie about the events surrounding the case. With hopes that it might bring enough attention to the case, on a worldwide basis, that it may be able to help someone to recognize him and to eventually find him. Please let me know, if I can be of any help whatsoever. All my best and blessings.
Kevan Michaels
3:54pm 26-09-2009
Katie Kemp x
Luke we all miss you ! please if anyone knows anything please contact the police or the email that has been given out .. i was 12 when my cousin went missing, i am now 15 .. please just come home !
love you katie kemp x
5:41pm 20-09-2009
Laura Harrison
I read about your awful plight in the book 'Missing' and it really touched me. I can only imagine the pain you must go through every day and night. I hope and pray that you hear some news soon.
Thinking of you and your family
6:26pm 16-09-2009
A little help
I visit this site from time to time hoping that there might be some news or even better Luke may have been found.

I am sure you have tried every possibility but i noticed there is a person an the social site twitter but the picture is rather too small to be able to see and i am not a member so cannot go in and look further but thought maybe if you signed up if you have not already it might possibly bring news, if nothing it is another place to keep Luke's memory alive.

Thinking of you always
6:22pm 05-09-2009
I cant imagen losing a loved one being a mother myself but unfortunately can not do much myself as only one person but pray that soon luke will return home safe in his mothers arms and forward this website onto everyone i know to try and help you find your son and of course help your daughter find her brother. With love to you all x
11:32pm 27-08-2009
Gemma Lorrai

I just want to say i hope you find Luke! I cannot imagine anything so awful as losing someone you love. I don't think there is much i can do except help you publicise Luke's disappearance so i will forward this site on to my friends and post a link on my facebook page.

Bon chance. Gemma
3:00pm 26-08-2009
I have only ever heard of luke since i have been shopping at asda and i have seen luke's eyes posters. I think it is really sad and i just want you to know that i will always be thinking of luke, it must be hard. I wish you all the best, keep staying positive x x
10:51pm 24-08-2009
Catherine Clark
I visit this site from time to time,, always hoping against hope that there will be good news concerning Luke. Having children myself around his age leaves me in awe of the strength of his family. I was so shocked (and disgusted) to hear that you've had problems with hackers in the past which means you've lost all those early messages of concern and solidarity. But it is so heartening to see that people continue to care deeply for Luke and to urge anyone who knows anything to come forward. May God be with all of Luke's family. My prayer would be that one day you will have answers to all of your questions over his disappearance. In the meantime, just want to say that I think you are all amazing, would so love to visit this site one day and find you've answers to all of your questions. That's my hope for you, still keeping the hope alive. Regards, Catherine
6:55pm 24-08-2009
Hello! My name is Rachel I´m from Germany it would be great if you can send me one of your flyers via e-mail. I´d print them by my own and give them to some people here in Germany .. I don´t know wheather that helps.. but I think it could be an idea. well... I think I´ll send you my email adress.
I hope I can help you!
8:58pm 18-08-2009
Unknown Soldier
I went to the same school as Luke and was in the year below him i wouldn't say i was friends with him but i knew him, never thought anything like this would happen to him. I'm currently posted in Cirencester and would like to know how to get hold of some of your flyers because i havent seen one here and would like to raise some awareness in this area, I have already added them to my international gaming website I am in woodbridge every weekend and would be able to collect the flyers. I hope i can help.
Unknown Soldier
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