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12:07am 12-02-2010
Angie Blanchard
I read about your son Luke in a book called Missing,I so hope that he is returned to you and your family safe and well very soon.
9:35am 09-02-2010
Luke's poster is outside Tesco in Guildford, so I have seen his photo many times. My son is around the same age as Luke, and I can hardly bear to think of what you must be going through. Stay strong.
12:19pm 24-01-2010
Suffolk Mum
We had a family loss last year, the ripples spread far and wide, affecting everyone in different ways. Time will not have dimmed the misery of your situation . As always, thinking of you and your family, love from Dot the Suffolk Mum
2:58pm 23-01-2010
Saw this poster on Rayleigh station so checked out the website, my thoughts go out to you and I wish you luck in your search.
11:05pm 22-01-2010
Catherine Clark
There have now been several anniversaries since Luke's disappearance, and I know that, as a mother myself, it must be agonising for Luke's family to see these anniversaries pass without news. I cannot imagine how you all deal with this. All I can say is that I hope that the solidarity of caring people may help you in this truly awful situation. When I see all those people in one accord...feeling for your reassures me that there is much compassion in human nature, and I hope you, Nicki, as a family feel it too. Sounds too trite to offer comfort, but I hope that knowing how strangers are with you may help you in your devastating circumstances. The power of caring shines through. May you have news soon. Thinking of you all.....Catherine.
9:17pm 11-01-2010
I saw a poster for this website outside the Chinatown Car Park in London's West End. I wish your family all the will in the world and hope that Luke arrives home safe soon. God bless x
12:02am 31-12-2009
Tom & Ricci
Hey Nicki, Its Tom Mee, Thinking of you, Luke and your family always xxx
11:10pm 30-12-2009
Thinking of you all over Christmas and the wish you peace for the coming year. Always in my thoughts

Penny x
12:02pm 16-12-2009
Linda Clark
I visit the web site from time to time hoping for good news. As a mother myself I think about how you are feeling and I am praying that positive news comes soon. Regards Linda
5:20pm 08-12-2009
Paul Sheldrake
Hello Nicki,

I don't think that i have ever met you, however i do have friends who knew you and Luke well, and they often speak about you.. its with those thoughts that i will always be thinking of you both...Lets hope for some good news one day..Best Regards Paul Sheldrake. Westerfield
4:03pm 04-12-2009
Jan Gregory
Hello Nicki and Alicia. Thinking of you today. Luke is never far from our thoughts. Love from us all xxx
10:09am 04-12-2009
Chris Leggett
Hi Luke,
Thinking of you on your Birthday, missing you, lots of love Chris x
12:37am 04-12-2009
I heard about Luke a few years ago, and often think about your plight. I always hope that when I visit this sight that there will some positive news.
It must be desperate to not know what has happened but can only hope and pray that one day there will be some good news.
Best wishes and be strong.
11:17am 03-12-2009
Frances Valentine
My heart goes out to you as you endure Luke's 23rd birthday without him. I pray for his safe return, and answers for you and your family. I'm a mother of 2 myself and the thought of not knowing where my children are fills me with dread. Please know that you are in my thoughts and many others'. Lots of love xxx
3:32pm 30-11-2009
Liz Phillips
As another Christmas comes my thoughts are with you, I am a mother of 2 sons and a daughter and cannot imagine the pain you feel. I pray for the safe return of Luke God bless you Love and Light Liz
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