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5:38am 25-05-2011
Is this England? It may be beneficial to put which country Luke was missing from. Just a thought. I'm in California, USA. My prayers go out to you to find Luke safe and sound. Best wishes.
8:21am 24-05-2011
hope you find him
8:55pm 12-05-2011
Kerry McKenzie
Hi, have come across your website to find Luke, I have a fifteen year old Son and I cannot begin to imagine the pain you have been in over the last few years and the pain you are still going through, my heart goes out to you and your family. Stay strong, never ever give up, he looks a lovely son, I dearly hope you find him x
8:12pm 12-05-2011
Saw the fresh appeal today on Missing, hope it brings you some news. Just look at what's happening with the Damian Nettles case... the wait must be gruelling but in time you will have answers. People just need to keep asking and talking about Luke and getting the information out there. You're doing a brilliant job.
6:16pm 12-05-2011
Hi Nicki and Alicia,
You are in our thoughts today. Keep strong. Love from us all.
Jan, Mal and boys xxxxx
1:07pm 12-05-2011
i've walked past the findluke poster so many times and just decided to finally have a look, i'm so sorry you haven't been able to find him yet. never give up hope and i wish his family the best of luck. stay positive x
4:19am 12-05-2011
Chris Leggett
Hi Luke, another year gone and no further forward. Always thinking of you and wishing for a solution, especially for Mum & Alicia. Someone must know something, if only they were brave enough to come forward. Miss you. Love as always, Chris x
3:58pm 11-05-2011
di dredger
i have 2 sons, i couldn`t bear it if this happened to me. My heart goes out to you, this must be unbearable. I hope the future brings you good news and that you find luke
9:33am 11-05-2011
You're in our thoughts Nicki and Alesha and family. With love, Diana and Malcolm
5:09pm 08-05-2011
Nick Pandolfi
5 years this week and Lukes Mum has agreed to talk to me at
Town 102 fm, If it makes one person think again on something they may know and help the Police in the search ,I know many people in Suffolk and across the UK want to show their Support for Nicki & the family as well as Lukes friends.
5:07pm 19-04-2011
I saw a campaign poster at my local train station and decided to have a look, but I give you the kindest regards and the best of luck as you continue to search, I really hope you find him.
10:09pm 19-03-2011
I saw you on Comic Relief and remembered you once again. Well done for keeping Luke in our minds as well as yours and please BBC don't give up putting Luke on our screens. You are doing the right things now it's your turn Luke . . . you are out there somewhere and you will never be forgotten.
Good Luck and Wishes for a future together oneday. x
2:59am 09-03-2011
Hi Nicki, i'm probably not the first to suggest this but have you contacted the salvation army? they have an incredible reputation for locating people and finding the unfindable... if you haven't tried them it would deffinately be worth a go.
I sincerely hope you have good news about Luke in the future... be strong.
5:35pm 08-03-2011
I found this site as I've seen the poster so many times at Maidenhead station and wondered what it was. Having read the story I am so touched by this terrible turn of events; I just cant get my head around how someone could just disappear. I can only imagine what Luke's family is going through and I wish there were something I could do to help. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that Luke comes home soon.
3:56am 14-02-2011

Just read your story in Prima magazine and had to come see your website. I'm sure you've heard a billion theories but I do get the impression he didn't intend this. Shame the cctv isn't any clearer (im assuming the police had scoured all the cctv footage that time in surrounding area/shop premises) had a look on Autotrader - it looks like a silver Volvo V40 or a S40 to me don't know if that's helpful - I really wish I could do more. I hope and pray you find him. Thinking of you all. Angela x
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